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Didn't Get the Exam Results you Were Hoping For? Here's What to do Next.

Didn't Get the Exam Results you Were Hoping For? Here's What to do Next.

in General August 10, 2021

(Updated AUG 2021)

Across the UK, thousands of students like you will have just received their A-Level or GCSE results. Depending on how you did in the exam you’re either over the moon or feeling a bit down in the dumps! If you didn’t get what you were hoping for, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world and there’s still time to pick yourself back up and get those results you need.

Here’s what to do now you’ve got your exam results:

Study your course online

With it now being August, you will find it a hard to get a place in a traditional college in order to study and retake your GCSEs or A-Levels. At CloudLearn we take enrolments all year round and can get you started on your studies in 15 minutes, you won't find any other provider or college able to do this! Studying for your resit online is much more beneficial given the limited time you have! If you have to travel to a college during the week that could take hours away from your study time just getting there and back. With studying online you can make your studies fit around you. If you have a part time job or need to study alongside other subjects, our courses can fit around your schedule.

Organise your exam

Depending on which level and which subject you’re looking to resit, will determine how quickly you can retake the exam. If you’re retaking IGCSE English or Maths, you can retake your exam as early as January. Any other subjects will need to be resit in May/June. As for A-Levels you will need to resit them in May/June.

Organising your resit is simple. Using our exam centre finder you can locate your nearest exam centre in order retake your exam. You will be entering the exam as a private candidate, contact your nearest centre to find out more information on their exam fees and availability. We recommend you contact them 3 to 4 months prior to your exam date!

Achieve your goals.

Achieving the grade you’re looking for comes down to the amount of time you put in. An IGCSE has a recommended study time of 120 hours. An A-Level is recommended to take 360 hours to complete. If you can commit the 120 or 360 hours then there is nothing to stop you from achieving an A!

Take the next step and enrol on an IGCSE or A-Level today with CloudLearn. Be fully prepared for your next exam and achieve the result you need!