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Why CloudLearn?

CloudLearn are the UK's #1 provider of online IGCSE and A-Level courses.

Through one of our Online home Study courses, you will have the chance to gain those qualifications or skills you need to make real progress in your life and career.

CloudLearn is owned and operated by a dedicated group of academics and educational technologists based in Glasgow and London.

At CloudLearn we educate. We don't add technology for the sake of adding it. We add technology only when it improves the effectiveness, the efficacy, or the efficiency of learning. We continually improve our methodology based on emerging technologies.

A New Way of Learning

Here at CloudLearn we believe that learning should fit around your schedule not the other way around. In today’s world your smartphone can do almost everything, but have you ever considered you could study an entire A-Level course on this clever little device? Increasingly people are finding it more challenging to fit work commitments around their education, one often suffers as a result.

However, by delivering learning, assessments and support online, it is a lot easier for students to manage their workload as well as learn wherever and whenever they like. Studying with CloudLearn will better prepare you for the transition to independent learning commonly found at Universities across the UK.

One of the main criticisms coming from Universities and Colleges is that students leaving school to pursue higher education often lack the independent learning skills needed to succeed within their chosen course. Our methods of learning address this concern by giving students more tools which they can use to study independently at their own pace.

Moving from a more teacher-directed environment to a learner-centric environment is what we are all about. Don’t worry though, a dedicated and experienced tutor is assigned to you on enrolment. So should you come across any hurdles, your tutor will be able to help guide you and overcome them.

Fast Track with CloudLearn

Patience is a virtue, or is it? Sometimes you need a certain grade yesterday. However, until they invent a time machine, Fast Tracking is your next best option. Depending on which course you choose to study, each will have a recommended amount of guided learning hours. This is the minimum amount of study time recommended for the course in preparation for the exam.

It is easier to visualise how Fast-Tracking works with an example. Any GCSE course undertaken has a recommended 120 guided learning hours. Breaking down a 120 hour course into 4 weeks, you would need to be able to commit to 30 hours per week of studying. It is entirely up to you the amount of time you can commit to studying.

Do remember though that depending on the examination you will be sitting, you may be restricted to when you can sit your exam. GCSE examinations for example are held twice a year in January and May/June. It is recommended that you aim to book your examinations 6 months in advance. Additionally, we would advise that you contact a few exam centres and find out the best price.

We offer 12 month and 24 month tutor support depending on which course you take. So if you do change your mind about fast tracking a course, you can take it at a slower pace and still use the tutor support should you ever need it. With this flexibility, in the unfortunate event you ever fall ill, have a change of circumstances or go on holiday we can put your studies on hold for as long as you like. Just let us know when you want to continue studying and we can reactivate your account!

CloudLearn Exam Service

Take Your Exams in a CloudLearn Exam Centre

Remove the Headache of Having to Find a Centre - Use One of Ours.

There are thousands of exam centres in the UK, but not all of them accept private candidates. In fact for some subjects that require coursework or practicals, finding a centre as a private candidate can prove tricky. That is why we have partnered with a network of centres in the UK.

Channeling thousands of students through examination gives us some buying power. We use this leverage to get CloudLearn students preferential pricing for exam fees. Taking your exam at one of our affiliated centres could save you hundreds of pounds, not to mention the hassle in locating a centre in your local area.

Take the stress out of exam time. Bundle the cost of your exams when you enrol.

More Information

A Guaranteed Pass

Here at CloudLearn we are so confident in the methodology and content of our IGCSE and A-Level courses that we offer a full money back guarantee if you fail to pass your final examination*. Putting your mind at ease while you concentrate on your studies.

*Terms & Conditions apply

Multi Course Deal

We offer multi-purchase discounts, students are eligible for these discounts when they enrol on any combination of CloudLearn courses.

For 2 courses, a 5% discount will be applied automatically when the courses are added to the basket.

For 3 courses, a 10% discount will be applied automatically when the courses are added to the basket.

For 4 or more courses, a 15% discount will be applied automatically when the courses are added to the basket.


Enrolling with CloudLearn couldn't be easier, simply choose your course and make payment with PayPal. PayPal is quick and easy to use, so you can start learning as soon as possible! But don't worry, you don't need a PayPal account, simply checkout using your credit or debit card.

We use PayPal because payment can be easily made on any smart device, you can sign in and pay using your existing PayPal account or create a new account to save you re-entering your card details again. You can however, pay with a credit or debit card without needing to make a PayPal account.

We also like the fact that 100% of your information is completely secure. PayPal is accepted worldwide, so if you’re overseas we can take payment within a few seconds. It is the UK’s number one preferred way of making payments online!

Payment Options

In the our current economic climate it is more difficult now than ever to save. Spending money on big purchases often takes some serious consideration before making a decision. To make this easier you can now spread the cost of courses and exams with monthly payments.

We offer payment plans ranging from 6 to 48 months allowing you to find the payment solution that works for you. Contact one of our friendly student advisors on 0330 111 4006 who will explain payment options. Alternatively, choose 'Finance Options' at the checkout when enroling Online.