Student Journey

The Road to University:
Abigail Worthing

Distance Learning


Abigail left school in Summer with A-Level results of ABC. Her top University choices demand AAA. (144 UCAS points). She decides to retake Maths (B) and Biology (C).
She enrols on Maths & Biology in February and plans to study for 16 months to prepare for AA grades to add to her existing A Grade.
Abi embarks on her studies. Allowing 360 hours of study for each A-level. 720 hours of study over 16 months = 45 Hours of study per month.
Leaving her weekends free, this will take Abigail 9 hours of study per week, Monday through Friday... a little over 1 hour per day.
Distance Learning

MONTH 2 - 8

Immersed in her studies Abigail decides to study intensively over April and May as she has planned a 3 week holiday in June. This allows her to fast-track her learning so that she can make time for her other pursuits.
Abigail spends the the next 6 months studying Maths and Biology, completing formative assessments regularly and keep in constant contact with her tutor.
By October Abigail has banked 360 hours of study, so she knows she is halfway through her studies. She has actually taken less time than she thought.
Having studied Maths and Biology before, she is familiar with a lot of the concepts, she is actually refreshing and consolidating her existing knowledge. She feels she is on track and is preparing for the final push.
Distance Learning

MONTH 9 - 10

Abigail chose to bundle the cost of her exams when she enrolled which allowed her to spread the course and exam fees over her period of study. This let her budget for the additional cost of the Science Lab Practicals which she required for her place at University to study Medicine.
In November, feeling prepared, Abigail instructs CloudLearn to make her exam entries. With 6 written exam papers, 4 lab days and practicals all sat on seperate days, this can be a confusing and demanding task. She didn't have to worry, as CloudLearn made all the arrangements for her with its partner exam centres. All of her exam information is delivered on her online exam portal, giving her all the information she needs to prepare.
In December Abigail sits her 6 Mock exams with CloudLearn. Within 1 week Abigail has her grades. Her tutor has given her a predicted grade report for her UCAS application. He has predicted she will attain A for maths and A* for Biology. Abigail is delighted. She decides to push a little more on maths.
Abigail has put in a few extra hours per week to make time for Christmas and New Year celebrations. She welcomes in the New Year with a new found confidence.
Distance Learning

MONTH 11 - 13

March sees Abigail attend a 4 day Lab practical where she works with other CloudLearn students in small groups assisted by qualified tutors and assessors.
She really enjoys the process of working with others and completes the 12 required experiments producing her data write-up in 4 days.
She enjoys this intensive mode of study, rather than doing the experiments over a 16 month period as she did at school or college. She feels she is ready for the exam.
Distance Learning

MONTH 14 - 15

June. The time has come. Exams! She is feeling a little nervous but is super confident. She has spent May revising the entire syllabus for both subjects, she has taken notes and made mind maps throughout. She has engaged with her fellow students on CloudPort and has picked up, and shared, lots of useful tips and strategies. She has requested advice from her tutor on exam strategy and grade optimisation.
Her exams take place on 6 seperate days in June over a 2 week period. Completing her final paper, Abigail knows she has done everything in her power to achieve the best grades, but like most students at this stage, she is hesitant to be over confident. She will have to wait until Mid-August for her results. Abigail takes a well deserved 3 week interrailing trip to europe.
Distance Learning


Mid-August Abigail receives a text notification advising her that her results have been published on her online portal. She can barely bring herself to login in. The next few years of her life will be impacted by what she sees in the coming moments. Deep breaths!
Once logged in Abi can see..
  • AQA 7357 Maths A*
  • AQA 7402 Biology A*
This is more than she needed. This is more than she hoped for. It's time to celebrate!
Abigail now has the A*A*A UCAS profile she needed for her top 3 University choices!
Distance Learning

Now comes the hard part... which University to choose:

University of Glasgow

Ranked 3rd in the UK for Medicine

Ranked 93rd Worldwide

Imperial College London

Ranked 5th in the UK for Medicine

Ranked 9th Worldwide

University of Manchester

Ranked 22nd in the UK for Medicine

Ranked 57th Worldwide

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