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How Does Blood Transport Oxygen?

How Does Blood Transport Oxygen?

April 1, 2022 | 1year | General

Red blood cells are very important as they carry oxygen from the lungs to every other cell in the body. They contain a molecule called haemoglobin. It is this molecule that picks up the oxygen from the lungs and transports the oxygen molecules throughout the body.

In fact, it is the haemoglobin that gives blood its red colour. They are well adapted for the transport of oxygen:

  • They have a biconcave disc-like structure which allow them to pass through any vessel, even small capillaries as the biconcave shape allows distortion of the shape to squeeze through narrow tubes.
  • They have no nucleus which allow them to carry oxygen
  • Thin membrane which allows easy diffusion to occur
  • Contain haemoglobin which forms a bond with oxygen