Exam T&Cs

  1. All Exam bookings must be redeemed within 24 months of purchase date
  2. All exams must be booked on or before the booking deadline. Booking after the booking deadline will incur late booking fees, and may result in limited availability
  3. Written exam papers are available in Bolton, Coventry and Wimbledon. Science Practicals are available in Coventry and Wimbledon. Geography Fieldwork is available in Lincolnshire.
  4. Subjects that include NEA (Non Examinated Assessment - AKA Coursework) must observe booking and submission deadlines. NEA costs are inclusive.
  5. You may withdraw from an exam by giving notice in writing to us on or before the first deadline for exam entries. A refund will be given after a deduction of £50 for administrative costs. Once the first entry deadline has passed no refunds can be given.

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