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Exam T&Cs

  1. All Exam bookings must be redeemed within 24 months of purchase date. Exams redeemed outwith the period will be subject to additional fees to account for annual exam fee increases.
  2. All exams must be booked on or before the booking deadline. Booking after the booking deadline will incur late booking fees, and may result in limited availability
  3. Written exam papers are available in Belfast, Bolton, Coventry, Doncaster, High Wycombe, St. Neots, Taunton and London (Wimbledon). Science Practicals are available in Birmingham, Bolton, Sheffield and London (South Bank and Harrow). Geography Fieldwork is available in Skegness.
  4. Subjects that include NEA (Non Examinated Assessment - AKA Coursework) must observe booking and submission deadlines. NEA costs are inclusive.
  5. You may withdraw from an exam by giving notice in writing to us on or before the first deadline for exam entries. A refund will be given after a deduction of £50 (per subject) in administrative costs. CPAC cancelations will incur a cancelation fee of £350. Once the first entry deadline has passed no refunds can be given. Exam cancelation and refund is not possible once the redemption period has expired (24 months after purchase date). 
  6. Examination dates are set by examination boards and cannot be changed. The deadline for booking exams is set by the examination board and exam centre due to the level of administration involved.
  7. Any exam bookings made after the set deadlines are subject to an additional fee and availability at the examination centre. Any additional costs are to be met by you.
  8. Any special requirements required for sitting examinations are subject to the exam centres terms and conditions and may be subject to additional charges. These fees are to be paid for by you.
  9. Once booked in for examinations, if you do not attend you will need to re-arrange to sit the exam and pay for any additional costs that this may incur.
  10. If exams are not able to be held for any reason, no refunds can be given, instead deferment will be offered at no additional cost to the next available diet. If an exam is cancelled by an awarding body, regulator or by the Department for Education any exam fee paid to us to us will be retained and such sums shall count towards the rescheduled Exam unless you have entered into a continuous assessment programme.
  11. Once practical sessions for Science A levels have been booked, any changes are subject to agreement by the exam centre and any additional costs for re-booking/rescheduling sessions are to be met by you.
  12. When opting to pay for a package course via direct debit, the full Course balance must be paid before you will be able to book any examinations. If required, students can repay their remaining balance ahead of schedule to allow booking of examinations.

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